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Origins and Education:  I was throwing gumboots before it became a national sport! Born 27 Aug 1953 in Rotorua (NZ) to Irene Evans and Rex Thomas Lawlor (I have one sister Jocelyn), we shifted as Dad graduated up the ranks of the BNZ to Taihape, where I attended Primary School (Rangitiki), then we went to Manaia (Taranaki) going to Hawera High, and then finishing my (NZ) secondary school years in Dargaville (Northland). Prior to attending the University of Auckland and doing a BA double major in geography and anthropology (1973-76), I spent a ‘gap’ year (1972) in Colorado (USA) on a Rotary student exchange (Poudre High Fort Collins).  My Master of Arts degree in Anthropology was completed in 1979:  ‘Palaeoenvironmental Analysis:  An Appraisal of the Prehistoric Environment of the Kohika Swamp Pa (N68/104) Bay of Plenty’ with Geoffrey Irwin being my supervisor.

Work and Income:  Upon finishing my MA I completed a project on a University of Auckland government-funded student temporary employment programme writing up Lau Islands (Fiji) archaeological fieldwork for Garth Rogers (1981).  I then directed archaeological investigations at Puhinui (at Wiri, Manukau City, in South Auckland), for the Department of Anthropology and NZ Historic Places Trust, working with Roger Green (1979-80), and then at Kawerau (Bay of Plenty (1981-82), working with Harry Allen and Caroline Phillips.  Between 1982 and 1986 I was the NZ Forest Service Auckland Conservancy archaeologist, responsible for the identification and management of historic places, and contributed statements of evidence to the Waitangi Tribunal hearing the Manukau Claim (1984) and the NZ Maori Council Court of Appeal case (1987) (refer New Zealand Maori Council v Attorney-General [1987] 1 NZLR 687).  Following government restructuring our team moved across to the Department of Conservation in the Auckland Conservancy, working for Gerry Rowen with Ross Hodder (1987).  I then went independent (Taiapa Archaeological Services Limited) for a short period (1988-90), completing a number of consultancies and writing statements of evidence for the Waitangi Tribunal hearing the Te Roroa Claim (Wai-38).  One of these consultancy projects, the ‘Future Bulk Water Supply Options’ for the Auckland which was completed for Graeme Campbell working with Graeme Murdoch, eventually led to my employment full-time with the Auckland Regional Council (1990-2007).  The main focus of work during this period was the establishment and development of the region’s Cultural Heritage Inventory (CHI) computer database and promoting exemplary management of the cultural and historic heritage on the Parks estate.

Lease on Life:  My world was turned upside-down in 2008 when I had a stage 2 bowel cancer removed and I underwent 6 months of chemo and radiation therapy at Auckland Hospital under a fantastic and talented team of doctors (Pohl, Washer, Matthews, Evans, Hoolihan and Lawrence).  Now in remission and long may it last.  We have one of the World’s leading Oncology Departments at Auckland Hospital and we (Aotearoa NZ) should celebrate this.)

Focus on the Future:  When the ‘pine box’ (death) stares you in the face you view the world a little differently:  What is important (do it)? What can I put off until tomorrow (delay it)?  Who do I love (show them)?  What makes me sick (leave them)? etc.  Getting home, work and family sorted and setting priorities becomes a priority.  Most importantly, given my new ‘lease on life’, how can I best focus the time to do have on what I love doing and what I do best!

Current Work Programme:  Having ‘retired’ from the ARC in 2006, after spending 17-and-a-half years developing (among other things) the region’s Cultural Heritage Inventory (CHI) database,  I now consult in the Auckland region focusing on the sustainable conservation management of our cultural and historic heritage.  (My last presentation as Team Leader for Cultural Heritage at the ARC can be read in my Blog - Te Maataapuna National Conference Presentation.)

Over the last three years during ‘retirement’ my work has focused particularly on  facilitating the Manukau City Council (MCC) Economic Development Team Mangere Gateway Heritage Project.  Currently, two key parts of this programme are the Mangere Mountain Education Centre (of which I am a trustee representing the MCC) and the Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve heritage (visitor) centre development.


Background  Some Primary and High School class photos (1963-71).

CR Owen (Sep 2004).

CB Bruce (May 2007).

R The Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (Jan 2008).